Our Mission is to Save and Transform Lives

We are

“I’ve seen addicts on their knees shaking helplessly, I’ve seen sons and daughters steal from their parents, and I’ve seen families torn apart by the sudden death of their teen. I’ve seen it all. And after 40 years it still breaks my heart. That’s why I do what I do. If just one more teen can be saved, then that’s my job.”Tim Chapman

What Sets Us Apart

  • 35+ Years Experience

    We have seen great success in the last THREE DECADES with teens dealing with substance abuse, emotional and behavioral issues.

  • Lifespark Process

    Our exclusive program identifies lost passions and forgotten goals. We help our patients reignite their Lifespark and enthusiasm for life.

  • Continuing Therapy

    Continuing care therapy is the key to minimizing relapse. We offer several options for this phase of treatment.


Senior Management Team

Timothy Chapman, MA, CATC IV, MSC.D. | Executive Director

Tim has 35+ years experience in the profession of addiction and behavioral treatment. Tim is a national leader and sought after speaker in the profession. He is a professional Interventionist and trained at the original “Johnson Institute” of Minnesota under the renowned Vernon Johnson. Tim remains a “hands on clinician” at Chapman House.

Esther Chapman, MA, CATC IV Co-Director

Esther holds a Masters Degree in Counseling Psychology from the University of the Cumberlands where she also studied abroad for her degree at the University of Oxford, UK. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Christian Counseling and a Certificate as a Certified Addiction Treatment Counselor (CATC IV).Esther is co-owner and co-creator of Chapman Houses’ 168 treatment beds in 5 facilities throughout Southern California. Esther oversees the entire business operation of Chapman House, all the while working as a clinician for our women attending our program whom suffer from mild to severe mental illness. Esther designed, developed and directed many aspects of Chapman House and she intends to do the same in her home country of Belize, just as soon as she sets-up operations there.