Rehab Centers For Teens Orange County

Rehab Centers For Teens Orange County

Rehab Centers For Teens in Orange County: How To Know When Your Teen Is An Addict

The issue of addiction among teens is a serious challenge in public health. When a teenager becomes an addict at such an early age, it could lead to complications that would hunt that teen forever. The aim of the rehab centers for teens in orange county is to help solve the problem of addiction among the teens. To start with, there is an urgent need to learn how to discover when your teen is an addict.

1) Behavioral Changes

This is often the first thing to notice when a teen becomes an addict. There is a change in their regular behavior. The teen suddenly becomes isolated and tends to lose interest in activities they previously enjoyed. This also results in changes in friendship circles and creation of communication gap. The teens could start stealing to purchase the substance they are is addicted to. When a parent begins to see such changes, it is imperative that a visit is made to any of the rehab centers for teens in Orange County.

2) Physical Changes

A lot of changes occur in a teen’s physical appearance when that teen becomes an addict. These changes differ concerning the particular substance which he or she is addicted to. Some of the physical changes are bloodshot eyes, poor hygiene, frequent nosebleeds, bruises, fatigue, drowsiness, dramatic weight changes, poor complexion, flushed cheeks, constantly licking lips and loss of hair. Physical changes are bound to take place in the body of anyone who is addicted to drugs, alcohol, cigarette and so on.

3) Mood Changes

It has been discovered, over time, that teens who abuse substances usually have mood swings. They often suffer depression, get irritated easily, lose interest in education and also become unnecessarily aggressive towards family and friends. Whenever your teen becomes verbally abusive or even threatens to leave home for no just cause, then you need to take him to one of the rehab centers for teens in Orange County.

4) Personality Changes

Addicted teens experience changes in their personality. They become entirely different from who they used to be. This could take the form of loss of self-esteem, poor morale, low productivity or even showing apathy. Since addiction affects the brain, teenagers might not be able to focus on their studies which will lead to poor academic performance.

5) Possession of Drug Paraphernalia

There is no need for further confirmation that your teen is an addict if you find items such as smoking pipes, cigarette lighters, bongs, weight scales, butane torches, small porcelain bowls, hypodermic needles, balloons and vials in their possession. This is because these items serve specific purposes that are not subject to argument.

It’s hard for teens to admit that they are addicts and parents find it difficult to believe as well. Nevertheless, parents should not close their eyes when they see these traces of addiction. This is because the teens are the hope and future of every society and, as such, they should be taken care of as soon as possible. This is the reason why there are high-profile professionals available at the rehab centers for teens in orange county.


Rehab Centers For Teens Orange County