Substance Abuse Programs For Teenagers Orange County

Substance Abuse Programs For Teenagers Orange County

Types Of Substance Abuse Programs For Teenagers In Orange County

All teenagers that have problems with substance abuse will react differently. It can depend on their personality and character. It depends on their situation. They may not be able to cope in the home environment or at school. Some kids will have an addiction that is more severe and difficult to cope with. There are youngsters who need more guidance, and they will require further therapy.

It can also depend on the type of drug the teenager is addicted to. For example, when they are addicted to heroin, they will need to go through a program which is more specific. There will be major withdrawal symptoms. However, a teen with a drinking problem will concentrate more on counseling than the detoxification.

Inpatient programs

There are many substance abuse programs for teenagers in Orange County where youngsters will be admitted to a rehab. This is sometimes recommended when the teen has been exposed to a more dangerous drug. Parents may find that their kids have reached a point where they are not able to cope. The teenager may have developed psychological symptoms, such as depression and anxiety. No matter how much love and encouragement parents offer, it is important that the teen gets professional help.

A rehab facility provides this with professional counselors who are experienced in dealing with adolescents. They will monitor them over the time that they stay at the rehab. They may need to spend more time in this program. They also provide them with aftercare support, which is essential.

Outpatient programs

Outpatient substance abuse programs for teenagers in Orange County are perfect for the youngster who doesn’t stay in the rehab full time. They may find that they get enough support in the home environment. They are able to function on a daily basis, but they also need the support of an experienced counselor. They need this one on one counseling. Therapy will also come in other forms.

Group therapy is arranged as well as creative therapy. This usually takes place at the rehab for an hour at a time. The individual will usually go for treatment a few times a week. As they progress, they will find that they can learn to become more independent. They will learn to be more practical in their thinking patterns. This helps in them in their everyday lives. They may also be exposed cognitive behavior therapy. This helps them build their confidence levels, and it reduces cravings and temptations.


Detox programs are recommended for the individual who has been severely affected and needs to eliminate the chemicals in his or her body. This is necessary before they start with any form of therapy. They will feel that they have fewer cravings once they have taken this step. Of course, it is not something that many people look forward to. There are a lot of side effects that cause the body and the mind to react in a negative way. However, this does not last long. There are medications that can be prescribed to overcome these symptoms.


Substance Abuse Programs For Teenagers Orange County